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Healthy toothpaste made from meadow herbs

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Our meadow herb paste has received an extraordinary distinction in the LOVE Cosmetics Awards 2020 ❤ Competition

A healthy fluoride-free toothpaste with an exceptionally rich mineral-herbal formula. Natural toothpaste effectively cleanses teeth and strengthens gums. Strong extracts from Polish plants protect against periodontitis and decay.

The high content of minerals helps to remineralize and strengthen the enamel and is a source of microelements. Their particles remove plaque and food debris, thus preventing tooth decay and the formation of tartar. Diatomite allows the absorption of these minerals. A bouquet of Polish herbs has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties, astringent on the gums, improves blood circulation. It is a healthy toothpaste without GMO, SLS, fluorine and soda.

Natural toothpaste with a unique herbal-clove flavor, does not contain mint!

  • No synthetic substances; edible, good ingredients.
  • A unique composition of minerals and plant extracts.
  • Made of herbs, rhizomes, bark and leaves of a Polish meadow.
  • The perfect cosmetic for vegans.
  • Toothpaste also for children.
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Healthy toothpaste with uncompromising composition, served in glass.

The paste naturally cleanses the teeth and prevents tartar buildup. Strengthens and pulls gums and prevents tooth decay.

The paste was created from Polish herbs, whose strong extracts protect teeth against parodontosis. Shows anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory properties.

A unique composition of herbs creates healthy toothpaste: knotweed, walnut leaves, oak bark, cinquefoil root, agrimony and rowan fruit. It is a mix of herbal essence and minerals that are a source of micronutrients and their particles remove plaque and food residues. Therefore, it perfectly prevents tooth decay and the formation of tartar. In its composition it also has diatomite, which facilitates and supports the absorption of these minerals. Antiseptic and moisturizing effect is provided by radish root extract. Rowan fruit is rich in vitamins that strengthen the gums. And the bark of oak reduces their bleeding. In addition, it reduces swelling and relieves inflammation of the mouth and throat. Similar properties are shown by the cinquefoil, which has an astringent effect on the gums, reduces swelling and normalizes bacterial flora.

Coconut sugar extracts as well as soapwort root are natural cleaning and foaming agents in toothpaste. Emulsified with a moisturizing algae extract.

Most importantly: the toothpaste does not contain fluoride or menthol. Therefore, it is intended for children and people sensitive to these substances. However, it is strongly seasoned with a refreshing clove and spruce needles. A healthy toothpaste with a completely clean and good composition. For everyone aware of the importance of what we massage into the gums.


You care about natural toothpaste, which is 100% made from herbal ingredients.

Size and shelf life

Size: 100 ml

Use within: 8 months

Ingredients (INCI)

INCI:Glycerin, Aqua, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Moroccan Lava Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Coco Glucoside, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Sorbus Aucuparia Fruit, Quercus Robur Bark, Agrimonia Eupatoria Leaf, Saponaria Officinalis Root, Potentilla Erecta Root, Juglans Regia Leaf, Polygonum Bistorta Root, Algin, Eugenia Caryophyllus Leaf Oil, Picea Mariana Leaf Oil, Eugenol*, Limonene*
*naturally occurring components of essential oil


Apply with a pump directly to the brush . The paste is very efficient – apply a small portion – the size of a pea.

How to use

Apply with a spatula / teaspoon a small portion – the size of a peeled hazelnut.


Healthy toothpaste with good composition:

Minerals used to produce our unique paste are a source of microelements that ensure teeth strength. Minerals’ particles remove food debris, bacteria and plaque. This prevents the development of dental decay and the formation of tartar.

Diatomite supports the absorption of vitamins and minerals, prevents gum and teeth diseases, including decay.

Rowan fruit – due to its high vitamin content, strengthens the gums.

Oak bark – is used to reduce bleeding gums, reduces swelling and relieves inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Agrimony – has astringent disinfecting properties.

Cinquefoil – has astringent properties, normalizes bacterial flora and prevents inflammation. It can stop bleeding gums and also slightly reduces their swelling.

Walnut leaves – prevent tooth decay.

Snakeweed – strengthens the teeth, prevents them from becoming wobbly.

Clove oils and spruce needles – relieve pain, serve as an antibacterial agent in inflammation of the oral mucosa.

Brown algae extract – is a natural emulsifier, additionally it has moisturizing properties.

Coconut sugar extract and soapwort root – are natural washing and foaming agents.

Radish root extract is a natural preservative, antiseptic and moisturizing.

The paste does not contain fluorine or menthol, so it is also good for children and people sensitive to this substance.

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