01. Trawiaste - Polish natural cosmetics

A place where it's not important to be perfect, but to be yourself!

Meadow stimulates all senses for health and harmony.
Leaves rustle in the wind, refreshing dew drops in the grass, flower dust rising in the sunshine. The sounds of crickets and birds tuning the body. Colors, smell, fluffy grass tickling calves, plant juices. Eye-relaxing colors of butterflies and flowers.
And the lake … cool thick water, full of pollen, and grass essences.
Calmness, freshness, bliss and health.

We create out of love and in honor of our original Mother. Loved and absolutely loving fertile Nature.

We enclose a carefully selected essence from meadows and forests in the glass.
Trawiaste arose out of necessity, so it is important for you to know that we only offer you what we ourselves and our families use.
The best, uncompromising compositions for a demanding, conscious seeker. Every day everyone who, apart from love for the Nature and a balanced life, respects themselves and their bodies.

Your needs drive us to our daily work. Thank you for your being here.

02. What do we do?

We create vegan cosmetics with a natural, plant-based composition.

TRAWIASTE is compositions of unique natural ingredients of plant origin created for everyday healthy and balanced care of your body, face and hair.

Our plant care products are an alternative to generally available synthetically modified cosmetics. Trawiaste boasts about their composition and encourage to read labels.

Our products  are manufactured based on raw juices and extracts of herbs, fruits and vegetables, combined with live tree oils, as well as cold-pressed oils and butter from vegetable seeds.

Trawiaste is rich in active herb particles, natural juices and extracts of all “grasses” – beneficial herbs, flowers, buds, resins and plant embryos.

co robimy w trawiaste grafika

Our creams are alive ...

03. Extremely vegetable-based compositions

TRAWIASTE is the essence of meadows and forests enclosed in glass.
We smell most of all grass, herbs, soil, air, fruit and vegetables.

TRAWIASTE are completely free of artificial colors, bleaches, harmful fixatives, parabens and silicones. The shelf life is from 2 to 6 months.

Our products differ from traditional cosmetics in everything.
Starting with a natural, uncompromising, vegetable-based composition,
through unusual plant consistencies, short shelf life,
natural color, no improved smell, ending with action.


Let us repeat it again – our products differ in everything from cosmetics that you know . We use mild plant-derived saponins. Our shampoos foam owing to coconut sugar, soap dish and washing nuts. Our skin creams and cocktails are emulsified with algae, resins, fibers and vegetable-based waxes. We mainly preserve with fermentation peptides. We use high quality, only unrefined oils and butters from vegetable seeds. The natural combination of essential ingredients mostly serves as the fragrance.

Our products have complete cosmetic documentation, have dermatological tests, are manufactured on the basis of GMP compliant, are registered in the CPNP database and are subject to control by the State Sanitary Inspection. Cosmetics have not been tested on animals.

04. Skin is perfect by nature

Our products stimulate the skin to act independently in your favor.

Our skin is perfect by nature. The conditions in which we live far differ from the original laws of Mother Earth.

TRAWIASTE is not for addiction, but to protect your skin from the factors of the external unnatural world, to regenerate, nourish, purify and strengthen its ability for self-defense. Our products are not tested on animals. Most products are completely vegan.​ ​

TRAWIASTE not only nurture and support the body’s health, but also increase its natural energy vibrations. They allow you to unlock and activate the senses dormant in our natural body.

The production method is developed in such a way as to maintain the highest possible value of raw, active ingredients.

When the skin works and is able to breathe. Your task is only to properly nourish, moisturize, clean and get rid of dead, unnecessary skin. The herbs act as data discs – you take them on your skin, and they give you this record and remind your skin and body how to work properly. They help bring harmony and health.

We do not recommend combining our products with others. Herbs can react with synthetic substances.


To preserve valuable properties ...

05. Replaceable glass packaging

We pack all grass products - plant-based compositions from the womb of Mother Earth - in glass.

The glass packaging perfectly protects the valuable content against external factors, and at the same time does not react with the product and does not let foreign substances from the environment. Glass is a material completely impermeable to water, it does not absorb odors and flavors. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, because glass packaging can be reused.

Even if you don’t decide to reuse a jar or bottle, it’s worth keeping them. Our glass containers are returnable.

For returning 20 clean packages, any product up to PLN 40 is yours!

You can also return them to us by piece. You will receive a discount of PLN 2 for each clean glass container 🙂

Thank you for being, for your support, trust and spreading the news that we create for you! Quality is the most important value for us, and and we are inspired by the caring and rich Nature itself.

trawiaste o nas