Polish natural cosmetics
We create natural cosmetics with a plant-based composition. Polish fresh and herbal cosmetics, perfect for vegans. Get to know our fresh, natural skincare cosmetics, which are appreciated by many of our clients. Each of our products is Polish and natural from Mother Nature herself. SEE MORE # NATURAL PLANT-BASED COSMETICS FACE
okładka strony głównej sklepu Trawiaste
Polish natural cosmetics
Polish natural cosmetics with a good composition. Fully vegetable-based cosmetics made of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as resins, closed in glass bottles. Herbal cosmetics free of artificial, synthetic and dangerous substances. Polish fresh plant-based cosmetics for those demanding the nature most. SEE MORE # NATURAL HERBAL COSMETICS SHAMPOO
“Roll in the grass for Health!”

-Trawiaste Polish Natural Cosmetics

Natural Polish cosmetics from Trawiaste (Grassy) are 100% plant-based care cosmetics certified with “Natural Polish”.
Care with Trawiaste is a ritual involving unique cosmetics created from fresh herbs, plants, resins, roots and tree buds. Conscious cosmetics that allow me to say with a pure heart that I take care of myself as much and as naturally as knowledge allows me to. The body is our temple that allows us to experience life. Caring for ourselves, we naturally let our beauty resonate. And yet beauty is Health!
Our natural, vegan cosmetics are a combination of the world of plants. Herbal bouquets selected in terms of action, essences of meadows and forests enclosed in glass. We bring your bodies into the nature. “We make you roll” in fresh and natural essences from all kinds of plants. Our cosmetics nourish, care for, protect against external factors and restore balance to the skin. They make it strong, resilient, healthy and beautiful. We focus on freshness and naturalness derived from plants. On truly natural cosmetics, on the activity and severity of the substance. All this determines the organic nature of our cosmetics. We care about closeness to the Nature, about the possibility of preserving its original state and enclosing its beneficial ingredients in glass. We make sure that every essence obtained is alive, raw and as active as possible. We love resins that protect, safeguard and heal the skin. You will find them in the composition in most of our cosmetics. We adore the buds that accumulate the most nutritients.
Using Trawiaste – Polish natural cosmetics – you focus on a close contact with the Nature, which can be compared to caresses in selected and tailored to the needs of the skin, essential, fresh plants. Care rituals with Trawiaste give the sensation of rolling in the grass, bathing in a lake, river, in living water full of macerated plants, walking in meadows and forests and smelling flowers. It’s like dancing in the rain, walking barefoot on the dew, it’s breath in the wind full of herbal, floral essences.
Love yourself and nurture your body with truly Polish natural cosmetics, with fresh and good composition.

Polish Natural Cosmetics

wegańskie kosmetyki pielęgnacyjne

Vegan natural cosmetics

No artificial colors, harmful fixatives, parabens and silicones, zero percent alcohol.

roślinne kosmetyki naturalne

Vegetable-based cosmetics with a good composition

The ingredients of our cosmetics come only from the Nature. We create herbal, natural cosmetics.

certyfikowane produkty naturalne

The best cosmetics from the Nature

We care for Our Mother Nature – we use replaceable glass packaging to preserve valuable properties.

ręcznie tworzone kosmetyki

Fresh hand-made cosmetics

Fresh cosmetics made on a regular basis to preserve the value of raw, active ingredients.


Replaceable packaging

Our glass packaging is repleacable. You will receive a discount by sending back a clean package of our cosmetics.

Natural Polish cosmetics for demanding customers

Our natural cosmetics

ramka lightcreams

Natural day and night cream

Fresh cream made of Canarium and Polish Flowers

Natural face cream for day and night use. Vegan, fresh cosmetic ideal for skin that needs hydration, regeneration and strengthening. It is a plant-based cosmetic primarily rich in GLA acids and antioxidants. Therefore, it is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The canarium resin contained in the cream stimulates the processes of skin regeneration and healing. In addition, it strengthens its resistance to external pollution. It helps to improve skin texture. It reduces and accelerates the healing of red spots. It stimulates collagen production and helps delay in skin destruction. The herbal cosmetic is ideal for mineral makeup.

Vegan day and night cream

Natural Fruity face cream

Odżywcza receptura kremu chroni skórę przed wysuszaniem i zapobiega utracie wody. Roślinny kosmetyk nadający skórze pięknego, zdrowego słonecznego blasku. Przede wszystkim widocznie poprawia kondycję skóry, jej jędrność, gęstość i zdolność do regeneracji. Surowy kosmetyk, który naturalnie napina, idealnie nawilża, mocno witaminizuje i odżywia. Naturalne składniki kremu czynią skórę sprężystą i jędrną o kolorycie zdrowej brzoskwini. Także owocowy skład kremu przyczynia się do opóźnienia procesów starzenia skóry. Idealny, roślinny kosmetyk do twarzy na mróz, słońce i wiatr.

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