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Myrrh Chestnut Natural Shampoo

64,00  brutto

Natural shampoo for all hair types. It naturally cares for the scalp, makes your hair look healthy and smooth and fluffy.

The hairstyle is raised at the roots and the hair strengthened and nourished. Myrrh and chestnut shampoo is perfect for those who don’t like heavy loads. Provides smoothing and softening of hair. In addition, it makes the hair shiny and healthy.

Natural shampoo against hair loss, stimulates circulation in the skin and strengthens hair roots. It eliminates bad smells, soothes irritations and allergic reactions.

The most important effect of the natural myrrh and chestnut shampoo :

  • strengthens and nourishes hair
  • prevents hair loss
  • soothes irritations and allergic reactions
  • strengthens the bulbs
  • smoothes and softens hair

Natural shampoo with Mirra and Chestnut is a vegan cosmetic. It was preserved with radish root fermentation. It foams thanks to washing nuts, coconut polyglucosides and chestnut fruit. Emulsified with a moisturizing algae extract. 100% natural shampoo without SLS, SLES, soda and hydroxides with pH = 7.5.

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Healthy toothpaste made from meadow herbs

43,00  brutto

Our meadow herb paste has received an extraordinary distinction in the LOVE Cosmetics Awards 2020 ❤ Competition

A healthy fluoride-free toothpaste with an exceptionally rich mineral-herbal formula. Natural toothpaste effectively cleanses teeth and strengthens gums. Strong extracts from Polish plants protect against periodontitis and decay.

The high content of minerals helps to remineralize and strengthen the enamel and is a source of microelements. Their particles remove plaque and food debris, thus preventing tooth decay and the formation of tartar. Diatomite allows the absorption of these minerals. A bouquet of Polish herbs has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties, astringent on the gums, improves blood circulation. It is a healthy toothpaste without GMO, SLS, fluorine and soda.

Natural toothpaste with a unique herbal-clove flavor, does not contain mint!

  • No synthetic substances; edible, good ingredients.
  • A unique composition of minerals and plant extracts.
  • Made of herbs, rhizomes, bark and leaves of a Polish meadow.
  • The perfect cosmetic for vegans.
  • Toothpaste also for children.
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